Calming Lotus Nails offers you a place to rejuvenate your spirits and experience the latest beauty trends in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that combines charm with modern luxury. We want you to feel the difference that warm smiles and efficient service offered at our spa. You will experience truly dedicated professionals taking the stress of life away and replenish your energy for a new day.

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Therefore sanitation and disinfection are our greatest concern. After each use, all implements and equipments are properly cleaned, then sterilized in a STERI - DENT an FDA approved graded autoclave system - commonly used in dentists and doctors' offices.

To avoid bacteria and disease cross contamination, we use DISPOSABLE LINERS for pedicure tubs between clients. Also, all files, buffers, and foot scrubs are brand new and securely packed in plastic bags. Gloves and flip flops are disposables, meaning they are disposed of after each use. Our pedicure chairs are pipeless, preventing bacterial growth and buildup in pipes, allowing fresh, clean water to be circulated.

We are committed to using the highest quality products for our clients with over 800 gel and regular colors! Finding your shade will be a breeze. Whether you want a traditional red, natural pink or looking to experiment with bright neon yellow, green, vampire black or sparkle we've got you covered.

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